Looking for Licensed Adult Therapy in Lockport, IL?

Mental and Emotional Help for the Individual

Panozzo Therapy & Associates therapy services features Cognitive Behavioural therapy to help guide individuals through the tangled, destructive thought processes that lead to cycles of guilt and shame, and break these patterns for sustained, long term success. Licensed adult therapy provided by our therapists can help empower individuals who struggle through unexpected life transitions. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps the client gain emotional stability and mental focus, improving daily functioning, mindfulness, coping skills, self-awareness, and relationships in all areas of your life.

Understanding Negative Cycles

For individuals facing emotional trauma in Homer Glen, Lockport, and Orland Park. Personalized, guided care will help clients to regulate emotions, to get “unstuck” from unhealthy thought patterns, and to make positive life changes. When a family unit breaks down, it may have lasting negative effects that can lead to self-destructive patterns as an adult. We help individuals stay in the “here and now” and find healthy ways to look at new patterns of thinking. You don’t have to live in the past or think too far into the future.