Compassionate Divorce Counseling and Other Adolescent Services in Lockport, IL

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Serving Adolescents and Their Families

When stress or personal problems at home or school increase, relationships can easily fall victim to unhealthy behaviors or breakdowns in communication. This is true for the relationship between parents and adolescents. Our licensed therapists use a cognitive theraputic approach for adolescents to take responsibility for their choices. While everyone experiences conflict with family members at one time or another, it becomes a problem when children and adults suffer from long term confusion and emotional pain. They may feel alone and unable to trust others. When an adolescent slightly suffers their coping skills may lead to self-destructive behaviors ie. (academic struggles, defiance, social pressure, vaping, alcohol, or other substance abuse). With psychotherapy and support, adolescents will break destructive patterns and make positive life change.

Understanding, Support & Guidance

Today’s children and teenagers can face a very complex world online, at school, and even at home. We provide a trusting relationship with young clients looking to gain acceptance, understanding, guidance, and a sense of belonging. Developing minds at any age often benefit from continued mentoring and guidance to build healthier relationships and greater awareness and self worth.